Best places in Ontario for a fall getaway

Best places in Ontario

Headed to Ontario this fall? If so, plan a trip out of the cities during this time, as the surrounding countryside offers much for visitors at this time of year.

Below, we’ll talk about three of our favorite places to go in Ontario during the Autumn months.

1) The Muskokas

The Muskokas are a second home for many Torontonians in the summer months, as they either rent or own cottages here that they spend every free minute enjoying. While the weather cools off come September, it doesn’t get any less beautiful, as it is during this month when all the leafy trees begin to turn into glorious shades of yellow, orange, and red.

Get outside first thing in the morning – the bite of the early morning air and the mist on the lake where you are staying will enliven your spirit and pull you fully into the present moment. After heading inside for a relaxing breakfast, arrange a canoe rental so you can head out onto the lake.

Apart from the odd local looking to get in some time on the water before winter hits, you’ll be alone on the lake with your friend or partner. Stick a line in the water and try to catch some fish for lunch – if not, the wieners you packed in the cooler will make for a satisfying (if less than healthy) meal on the shore.

Best places in Ontario

All around you, the trees, ablaze in fall colors, will contrast in a stunning manner with the deep blue water on which you are paddling. With the sepia light of fall making everything look extra amazing, you’ll arrive home, where you’ll spend a tranquil evening.

If you want to add a bit of excitement, though, the internet is plenty strong in this part of Ontario, giving you a full array of entertainment options back at the cottage. Mobile casinos are a great way to spice up your evening, as nothing would make your day better than to hit a big slots jackpot or to go on a tear at the blackjack tables.

With android options, those with non-Apple devices are covered, leaving you free to spend your night gambling it up.

2) Niagara Region

Consider yourself a wine fan? Oenophiles will want to spend their Ontario fall holiday in the Niagara Region. As Canada’s biggest wine grape growing region, you will be spoiled for choice during your time here, as there are no less than 88 wineries to visit here.

When you travel here in September, you will be arriving during harvest, which means the Niagara Wine Festival will be underway. Grape stomping, wine tastings, and live music are just a few of the things on offer during this event, which is the oldest of its kind in the country.

3) Agawa Canyon

Ontario is not known for its mountains, as the last couple of ice ages decimated what remained of its multi billion-year-old mountains up north. However, Northern Ontario’s landscape of rolling, rocky hills creates a stunning backdrop for leaf peepers.

In this vast region, there are infinite possibilities, but if you are low on time, Agawa Canyon is your best bet. In this canyon, the hills have retained many of their mountainous characteristics, and they are covered in trees which turn a variety of colors come fall.

Best of all, you’ll get to leave all the driving to a conductor, as you’ll have a chance to ride the rails through this beautiful place for hours, leaving you to simply snap away to your heart’s content.