CMU – Caribbean Medical University

Caribbean medical college admissions requirements are much like the types of health care colleges in the U.S.. Factors are considered by the Admissions Committee at the Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine as predictors of a good student. However, because college is a demanding academic challenge that the committee has to be satisfied that the potential student has the power to exude the program. The committee assesses applicants in a manner that is comprehensive. We’re interested in the person and assess applications utilizing all elements of the program bundle. Our objective is to ascertain whether you possess the ability and decision to pursue more college instruction that is strict.

We seem past test scores and GPA calculations in order to ascertain your motivation, maturity , leadership ability, comprehension of the area and academic progression in time. Please Note: Applicants with lesser GPA scores meet the Admissions committee that they have strong motivation to study medicine and then also should have strong letters of truong cao dang y khoa pham ngoc thach recommendation. Caribbean Medical University School of Medicine takes at least 90 credits hours of college-level classes for entrance into the Medical Science plan. Students who have shown exceptional academic achievements may be contemplated without a baccalaureate level, although a baccalaureate degree is highly preferred. These conditions are necessary for prospective licensure from the various states and are laid down from State Medical Boards.

Please Note: Applicants with GPA scores that are lower must have solid letters of advice and then also meet the Admissions Committee that they have strong motivation to study medicine. A personal interview can be asked at the discretion of the Admissions Committee. ACADEMIC TRANSCRIPTS FROM NON-U.S. For entry, scholarship functions, and also to apply for several loans, pupils from non-U.S. CA schools should ask & submit a test account for U.S. GPA even when the college conducts an English program. A translation is also required, if the transcripts aren’t in English.