Four great Monaco Grand Prix races

The Monaco circuit is a test to drivers’ skills and is known to throw up some surprises so it’s no wonder it is one of F1’s most anticipated races. We take a look at some of the most fascinating and famous races from the Monte Carlo circuit.

Four great Monaco Grand Prix races

Senna spins and Prost wins

In 1988, Ayrton Senna, the most successful Monaco driver of all time, showed his disappointment on losing out after dominating the race from the start. On lap 67 Senna spun out and hit the barrier, damaging the car’s front suspension, giving Prost his fourth and final victory at Monaco.

Five leaders in the final laps

In 1992, after remaining in pole position from lap 15, in lap 74 at the ‘Dog Leg’ Prost crashed into barriers. Riccardo Patrese briefly took the lead, but stalled in lap 75. Pironi was next in the lead, but ran out of fuel on the last lap. Andrea de Cesaris attempted to pass Pironi, but also ran out of fuel giving the lead to Derek Daly. Daly’s gearbox seized up and Patrese, having managed to restart his car, was able to finish in first place and claim his first Monaco victory! With such thrilling twists, no wonder tickets for F1 Paddock Club Monaco are so sought after, as spectators really are in the thick of the action.

Four great Monaco Grand Prix races

Senna holds off Mansell

In 1992, Nigel Mansell held on to pole position for 71 laps, when a suspected puncture forced him to make a pit stop. When Mansell emerged from the pits behind Senna, he was held off for the last three laps in what was a tense and breathtaking show of skill from both drivers which would have given spectators in the F1 Paddock Club Monaco a thrill. Senna claimed the victory by an incredible 0.2 seconds.

Graham Hill became ‘Mr Monaco’

Several months after Hill’s victory at The Monaco Grand Prix in 1969, he broke both legs in a crash at the US Grand Prix, which sadly brought an end to his career as an F1 driver. Monaco was Hill’s final World Championship race and his fifth win at Monaco. Hill’s successes on the streets of Monte Carlo made him synonymous with the Monaco Grand Prix and his five victories on the circuit meant he was ‘Mr Monaco’.