How To Spice Up Things In The Bedroom With Your Partner

Sex is very important in a relationship. Sex, over a period of time, tends to take a back seat in your life. You might have other commitments such as raising kids or hectic schedules that do not allow you to spend some quality time with your partner.

Getting into the Mood

The right atmosphere and ambience can get you into a mood for sex. You can plan a quick getaway with your partner and have your relatives look after the kids. If you are single, then you might need to date again and try out some new moves.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so this might be a perfect opportunity to spice up your sex life. Get a partner in Paris from Now, before you jump the gun, consent from your partner is also required. Try out some new positions. Do not limit sex only to your bedroom. Make use of kitchen, bathroom, floor and even the dining table.

If your partner is ok, you can even try out some kinky stuff. Purchase some sex toys and indulge in foreplay. Tease and turn on each other by playing games. A simple poker game can be made erotic. You or your partner after losing a hand might need to lose a piece of their clothing as punishment.

Tips to Get It on with Your Partner

Let us look at some tips that can help get your sex life back with your partner:

  • Keep the temperature rising by finding each other’s erotic spots
  • Purchase some sexy lingerie and dance to entice your partner
  • Indulge in some naughty sexting with your partner
  • Dirty talk can do wonders to everyone’s libido
  • Watch porn together and try out role playing
  • Give each other a sexy massage, thereby arousing each other
  • Watch your partner arouse themselves. This is quite a turn on for some
  • Have sex looking into the mirror
  • Try blindfolding one another and learn each other’s body once again

Plan a perfect date night. Couples after being in a relationship for long, find it hard to get back to their dating days. Start dating each other again. Gift each other, or leave cute messages such as “I am thinking of you” or “Can’t wait to get home”. Try morning sex.

Bringing the Food Items to Bed

Food and sex go hand in hand. Food is an integral part of the dating circle, but it can also be used for foreplay. Sushi rolls are a great way to start. Use you or your partner’s body as a platter and arrange the sushi onto your genitals. Take turns eating off one another’s body.

Candies and chocolates are a great libido booster. You can even use whipped cream and lick it off one another. Pasta or spaghetti too can get you in a saucy mood for sex. Eating a strand of noodle from one end with your partner at the other and meeting at a point till your lips meet is a great way to get things started.


Sex has to be a two-way process. You need to put in some time and effort to get some lone time with each other.