How To Ensure Safety Of Property And Self In A Foreign Land

How To Ensure Safety Of Property And Self In A Foreign Land

One of the prime concerns of any traveler and right across the world is safety of self and their property.  Few of the more popular tourist spots can have issues with law and order that it should cause concern with the potential visitor.

Few people can dispute the leadership role that an app like AirBnB has created for itself.  One of the most powerful features of the site is the use of customer reviews to provide a rating to the service being rendered by various hosts.  But I would like to point to certain limitations to the system being in use by the site at the very moment.  They do place a lot of stress on visual media without acknowledging that images can be easily manipulated at the present.

How we were badly done by Steeve Monterin

Like the thousands of travelers who use the facility by AirBnB to arrange accommodation with various hosts right across the globe, we did make similar accommodation bookings at Cannes.  The host in this case happens to be Steeve Monterin.  We did check in at the facility as had been planned and spend the most part of the stay outside the apartment, checking in the sights and sounds of the place.

On our return to the accommodation after an outing, it was soon evident that some belongings of ours have been missing from their places.  A further search did not bring these expensive items to light and we proceeded to contact Steeve Monterin to lodge out concern.  The host arrived promptly at the apartment and at his insistence we made a good search of the property once again for the missing goods.  But to no result what so ever.

Lodge a complaint?

Since our host could not provide a plausible explanation as to how belongings of some value could have been lost from the residence, we then wanted to make a complaint with the law enforcing agencies at Cannes.  But Steeve Monterin dissuaded us and suggested we use the review facility of AirBnB to lodge our experiences.

We did in good faith, not proceed with a police complaint and instead made out our cause on the review section of the website.  Within a few hours of the post, the administrators of AirBnB removed our review and a communication was sent to us, stating that the review was in violation of the terms laid out on how to provide a review after a stay.

How To Ensure Safety Of Property And Self In A Foreign Land

Despite our protestations, AirBnB stuck to the version provided by Steeve Monterin who bolstered his very argument by presented doctored images of the accommodation.  It is easy to be wiser in hindsight and when we made a further research on the host, it was soon evident that he has had prior instances of disputes being settled in his favor by using doctored images.  Admittedly, it was our mistake not to have done additional research on our own and instead chose to rely on the credibility of AirBnB.